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We just got Gold- Baby!!

Oak Bay Luxury Getaway, applied for the Green Step certification used by many travel icons in the travel industry and endorsed by the GSTC Council. The GSTC Council has a very strong and stringent set of criteria that must be met to help determine who really is making a sustainable difference in their travel accommodations.

And we just scored GOLD, Baby!!!

We are so excited and cannot wait to share with you how your sustainable travel decisions will absolutely be reached here. You can travel here and not make an impact on your carbon footprint.

Join us, you will experience Sustainable Decision Making everyday by how we operate and the environmental decisions we make every day.

You will see:

  • Food Waste Collection, and we measure this, so together at the end of the year we can all see what we have done to reduce our Carbon Foot Print

  • A full kitchen, so please, bring real food, cook here, enjoy here, and stay away from packaged meals or take out. You can make magic here with all of our kitchen amenities.

  • B Corp certified products for you to use here. Be it

Just to name a few... By the way... if you would like to be showcased in our Sustainable Travel Getaway, send me an email at

  • We have way to many plants.. (Has never been said by me!) the more plants, the cleaner the air, the happier the guests, and the better you will sleep, breathe and enjoy the space.

  • We support local, your welcome gift (act surprised) will be from a local provider.

  • Our guest guides on our listing really show you were you can enjoy the community, be it food travel trips with Midland Food Tours or a nature walk in the Georgian Bay Biosphere Amazing place, We really want you to get to know the area.

  • This lot is treed, there are pollinator gardens everywhere! You will feel so good staying here.

Come and see how we achieved Gold level right here in Georgian Bay, how we are committed to making sure that we are very close to being net carbon neutral, and you can help.

We are excited you will join us!

Hugs ( the COVID Friendly kind)


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