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Is Oak Bay Luxury Getaway Pet Friendly?

Yes we sure are. Any breed, any size. No more than two dogs at a time.

So long as you are in the complete care and control of your pet at all times, they are welcome to join you.

Is there an additional fee?

No, however if you pet causes any damages you will be responsible for the repair or replacement of the item.

What do we need to know before we bring our pet?

Here are a few simple courtesy comments about bringing your furry friend.

  1. Please ensure that your pet is current on all vaccinations, and that they are in good health.

  2. Bring a leash and a collar with you

  3. Bring your poop bags as we all stoop and scoop

  4. We have a water bowl here, but please bring along your food and feeding dish

  5. Your pup in on vacation also.. bring extra treats :)

  6. Walking the golf course is available from November until March. Walk at own risk and you must have a dog on leash.

  7. Please no dogs on the bed. You might be a pet lover but the next guest might not. Be sure to bring along your dogs pet bed. There is plenty of room in all of our spaces for the perfect cuddle spot for your fur baby.

Do they come to the Airbnb.. Sometimes.. so if you see a little black hair here and here.. blame these two.
Meet Millie and Maggie

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