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How important are main floor bedrooms?

Very important.

We intentionally kept the design of this home to include two main floor bedrooms. Why?

We have many multigenerational families who come and stay with us to explore all that Georgian Bay and Port Severn have to offer. By having two bedrooms on the main floor, their are choices for your family or friends who would benefit from main floor living.

White headboard with blue and white bedding. The room is a cream coloured paint. There is a dresser and a chest for luggage
Secondary main floor bedroom. This room features a Queen bed.and room darkening curtains. The linens are white and blue and are very cozy indeed. The window does open for fresh air if the guest wishes.
"Having two bedrooms on the main floor meant that my parents and my grandparents didn't have to worry about interior staircases. Everything, bathrooms, the kitchen and the main living area are all on the main floor." Lilly 2021
There is a large King bed with blue and white linens. Plenty of natural light with light curtains and window coerings.
This is the primary suite. Here guests can enjoy a large King size bed, an en-suite, plenty of light and a walk out to the yard. Some of our guests with animals have enjoyed this space as they can let their dogs in and out of the bedroom without waking up any other guests.
"When Andrew broke his foot, having the main floor options meant he could still vacation with us. Heck, he even golfed. Thanks for thinking of this when designing your place " Evan 2021

We host many multigenerational guests, where gathering in this house allows for families to be in one place to cook, visit, play and enjoy the space together.

Two main floor rooms means that when we have an elderly parent or someone with mobility issues there are a couple options to suit the needs of the family.

Oak Bay Luxury Getaway is the perfect location when you want to gather with family. There are three steps to enter in the house, and one small step from the foyer. If your family member can handle a few steps, this house is pefect. There are no further steps that can get in the way while on vacation.

Entrance way to Oak Bay Luxury Getaway. There are three large stone steps made from the Canadian Shield. Once you get past these three steps there is a 6 inch step to get into the front foyer of the house.
This is the main entrance and the staircase has three large stone steps.

Does this home meet your goals as a family? Can everyone join us? We hope so. To book today, click the button below and you will be guided to our Airbnb booking site. We are looking forward to hosting you and it is our pleasure to serve you when you are here.

Have a great week.


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